Prince Charles Cinema

The Prince Charles Cinema is nestled just 50 yards from the vastly populated Leicester Square, home of the largest auditorium in Britain, the Odeon, the former Warner Brothers Theatre (now a Vue), and the Empire (its large screen now twinned for IMAX).

The Prince Charlees Cinema is a combined repertory and new cinema house, with a sensual red auditorium with 285 plush seats downstairs and a new plush purple 104-seat screen with executive, high-back purple leather recliner chairs upstairs. The downstairs venue is also equipped for 70mm presentation.

Both upper and lower screens are equipped for 35mm, with a Kinoton FP30D, Mono, Dolby – A type, SR and Dolby Digital SRD, 1.6Kw Lamp. The upstairs screen sizes range from:
2:35 – 21ft x 10ft
1:85 – 16ft x 10ft
1:66 – 21ft x 11.5ft

while the upstairs auditorium measures:
2:35 – 18ft 10in x 7ft 6in
1:85 – 14ft 8in x 7ft 6in