Muenzinger Auditorium / International Film Series

The International Film Series is Boulder’s first arthouse series and has been locally programmed since 1941. Our main venue is Muenzinger Auditorium, located west of Folsom Stadium (400 seats). Our secondary venue is the Visual Arts Complex Auditorium, located north of the Euclid Autopark and downstairs in room 1B20 (200 seats).

We provide ushers at every show and actively discourage texting and other cellphone abuse during screenings. We never show more than three trailers before the film, if any at all. We never show ads. We screen as many films as possible on celluloid and have reel-to-reel projectors operated by experienced professionals, which grants us access to rare and archive prints from all around the world. Unlike most theaters, we do not make money from concessions and prefer to maintain a quiet venue, free from distractions where the focus is always on the film itself.

Atlas Bldg, 316 UCB
1125 18th St
Boulder, CO 80309

International Film Series, Boulder