Browning Cinema at DeBartolo Performing Arts Center

The 200-seat Browning Cinema is a state-of-the-art cinematheque presenting a unique program of international, independent and documentary film accompanied by a series of guest speakers and filmmakers.

Cinematic art is a flourishing intellectual and cultural interest at Notre Dame. From the prestigious list of visiting filmmakers who relate the pursuit of innovative work to the history, theory, and criticism of film and related media being taught in the classroom, to the decades of students who have made the Notre Dame Student Film Festival an anticipated and time-honored campus tradition. With the opening of the center, film and visual media gained an important ally in the unique asset of the Browning Cinema venue.

Although there are hundreds of THX-certified cinemas in the world, only a few are found on university campuses. Notre Dame is one of them. THX was developed by George Lucas, the director of the Star Wars films, to ensure the highest quality motion picture and sound presentation. THX is not about making the sound louder, but rather providing an unmatched clarity of treble and bass.

35mm reel-to-reel projection.

100 Performing Arts Center
Notre Dame, IN 46556

DeBartolo Performing Arts Center