Broadway Theatre

The Streamline Moderne style movie theatre was designed by George Forrester with the architectural firm of Webster and Gilbert and opened on December 5, 1946. The theatre was Broadway’s entertainment destination during the post-World War II years. It screened popular movies of the period and hosted some live musical performances on the stage in front of the movie screen. Following the neighbourhood’s decline starting in the 1950s, the theatre fell into disrepute by the 1970s when it became an “adult” movie theatre. It was restored as an art film cinema and live performance venue during the 1980s.

The theatre seats 240 in a centre bank of seats with another 95 in each of the side banks for a total of 430 seats, plus 6 wheelchair stations. The stage is of a proscenium style, made of black masonite and measures 10.79 metres (35.4 ft) wide and 7.32 metres (24.0 ft) deep. The movie screen is 7.8 metres (26 ft) wide by 3.77 metres (12.4 ft) high, with a projection throw of 31.39 metres (103.0 ft). The lobby has terrazzo flooring and recessed valance lighting around the doorways to the theatre area.

715 Broadway Ave
Saskatoon, SK S7N 1B3, Canada
1 306-652-6556

Broadway Theatre
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